Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Elder Care Financial Planning?

Elder Care Financial Planning, Inc. (ECFP) is a national company headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania focused on educating families about retirement savings, maximizing lifetime income as well as ways to pay for senior care including assisted living facilities, in-home care services, senior living communities, adult day care, and nursing home residences.

Since 2003, our team of agents has guided families to the resources they need to handle senior care plans, including the VA’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits, state-sponsored Medicaid plans, long term care insurance, and pre-planning strategies that protect assets when paying for senior care. Our financial planning strategies help hard-working Americans receive the care they need while maintaining their personal and financial independence.

All ECFP agents receive continuous training for a variety of life situations and benefit updates to provide clients with the best possible financial strategy for their wants and needs.

Contact our offices by calling 888-450-1055 for a free consultation and learn how Elder Care Financial Planning, Inc. can help you or your family plan to pay for senior care.

How much does it cost to work with Elder Care Financial Planning?

Elder Care Financial Planning offers a free first consultation to all families and elder care professionals. Beyond the first consultation, depending on the services needed, many families still do not pay a fee to work with ECFP. Often, the financial or insurance companies a senior chooses to work with will pay for ECFP’s time. When working with ECFP, you’ll never receive a surprise bill. Any fees charged for our team’s time or third-party fees, are disclosed upfront and in writing before any billable hours accrue.

How do I know if I am eligible for the VA’s Aid and Attendance pension or Medicaid benefits?

When you call our toll-free number (888-450-1055), a member of our staff will review your current circumstances and schedule a phone consultation with a specialist in VA benefits planning, Medicaid planning, or pre-planning for care to assert your eligibility.

Most families we work with are referred by other elder care experts who have reviewed eligibility for the VA’s benefits prior to making the referral.

Is Elder Care Financial Planning part of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Medicaid, or any other government agency?

No. Elder Care Financial Planning, Inc. is a private company that was founded in 2003. Our staff and agents are passionate about helping seniors preserve their financial independence when strategizing for senior care. Members of the ECFP team have certifications including Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP) and Certified Long Term Care Professional (CLTCP).

How does Elder Care Financial Planning get paid?

Often, ECFP receives payment through the insurance companies a client chooses to work with. For instance, if a senior buys a long term care, final expense, annuity, life or similar insurance policy, the insurance company pays ECFP a commission.

Elder Care Financial Planning serves as a consultancy and a financial services agency. Some families we assist plan to apply for the VA Aid and Attendance benefit and/or Medicaid. To become eligible for these benefits, many families need to enact appropriate legal and financial planning strategies. If ECFP helps these families with financial or insurance products, we are paid by the financial institutions the family chooses. In other cases, a family pay us a fee for our time and expertise.  

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